About us

The Steigmann Institute Hungary is founded in 2018 March for offering dentists a NEW premium level continuing education system in Hungary.

The main issue now is the field of implantology but later we would like to summarise those topics as welll that can be interesting for those, who think in high quality dentistry.

Dr. Marius Steigmann is a well-known professor of implantology, soft tissue managment and bone regeneration. He holds professional courses all over the world regularly, he is Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor at University of Michigan, Boston and Pennsylvania, Honorary professor of Univ. Bucharest, Visiting Professor at Univ. of Szeged, Faculty of Dentistry and more. he is a member of several associations (DGOI, FIZ, BDIZ and ICOI). He founded his own institute in Neckargemünd in Germany, where he governs his own private praxis too. He welcomes hundreds of attendees per year on his practical courses and Alumni meeting.

I met him in 2017 spring time in Szeged at Paro-Implant Conference held every year, where he gave an amaizing lecture and held a two-days hands-on course. I appreciated his professional attitude and practical point of views, which made his course one of the bests I ever took part. He gave me more than just useful hints of preparing and suturing a flap but also shared most of his advice on better understanding the biology behind a successful regeneration. His personality is more than immersive. Who knows him, will never foget him. Besides he has a good sense of humour, he is a charming personality.

I feel being grateful to have the opportunity to organise his premium level courses helping dentists to step forward onto the next level in their practical skills.

I can only suggest everybody not to miss any of his courses. You surely will have more take home messages and make profit of it right next day at your clinic. What guarantees your expertise and what you will get with the help of an evidence based experience is a systematic reasoning and a set of perfectly designed protocols for differently challenging implant cases.

Come to understand how things can be more simple while you THINK TWICE! Get inspired!

Best regards,

Dr. Agnes Meszaros
Director National Education